Good Friday 

Pilgrim Trail & Quiz

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Godalming Baptist Church
Q: What does it say on the board above our Lego table in reception and what do you think that means? 
A: World Mission - because by supporting our missionaries we are part of Gods plan to save the world.

St Edmund's Church
Q: How many steps are there from the pavement to the church door?
A: 31 to get into the church. 29 to get to the level by the door at the top of the main steps.

Busbridge Church 
Q: What was so special about the first baptism at Busbridge Church?
A: It was a double baptism of both founding patron Lord of the Manor’s child + a traveller’s child at the same time and the founders of the church saw that the other family had little money so they gave their baptism shawl to the other family.

Minster Field Ladywell Shrine
Q: The Ladywell shrine in Minster Field is at the site of a chapel, the first church established in. Godalming. Can you name the century?
A: 7th Century

St Marks
Q: When was the church dedicated?
A: 1934

Quakers Meeting House
Q: In which century was the Quaker Meeting House in Godalming built?
A: 18th Century

St Peter & St Paul's
Q: What is the time of the Eucharist/Family service held at St Peter & Paul's every Sunday (in normal circumstances)?
A: 10.00

St John's Farncombe
Q: What weapons can you find on a tomb in the churchyard?
A: A sword and a spear.

United Church
Q: What is the Easter flower on the church banner and what is the message?
A: Daffodil. New life fresh hope.


17 churches & local organisations

Churches Together in Godalming & District provide a common voice for member churches when engaging with the community and other statutory authorities.

Churches in Godalming


Churches Together in Godalming & District provide a common voice for member churches when engaging with the community and other statutory authorities. 

Facilitate communication between member churches and between churches and the wider community.

Encourage partnership work between churches and churches and the wider community; this includes helping to identify activity that is done better together than separately and encouraging and assisting the delivery of that activity; it also includes shared worship and learning opportunities. ​

Support each member church at the heart of community proclaiming by its words and demonstrating by its deeds the love of God.
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Who's who


Rev. Sandra Platford (GBC)


Angela Gilmour (RC)

Vice Chair

Michael Stubbs (Busbridge)

Past Chair

Gillian Martin (St Marks)


Andrew Bolton (SS P&P)


Edouard le Maistre (Farncombe)


Matt Blake


Matt Farrow

Link-Up Editor

Parish Reps

Gwen Wheatman (GUC), Angela Gilmour (RC), John Stevens (SS P&P), Jacky Tickner (St Mark), Colin Swait (Hascombe), Rev Margot Spencer (Busbridge), Chris Meeks, Debbie Flack & Matt Farrow (Quakers)