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Churches Together in Godalming & District


Churches Together in Godalming & District provide a common voice for member churches when engaging with the community and other statutory authorities. 

Facilitate communication between member churches and between churches and the wider community.

Encourage partnership work between churches and churches and the wider community; this includes helping to identify activity that is done better together than separately and encouraging and assisting the delivery of that activity; it also includes shared worship and learning opportunities. 

Support each member church at the heart of community proclaiming by its words and demonstrating by its deeds the love of God.

Food Bank

Godalming Foodbank run by St Mark’s Church & Community Centre provides emergency food parcels for individuals and families in crisis for three to five days. 
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Every year we collect money for Christian Aid, a charity providing aid worldwide. We raise funds by hosting Lunches and by some door-to-door collections during Christian Aid Week in May. 

Christian Aid Week 2019
12th May

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Life with it’s ups and downs happens to us all so isn’t it worth exploring in more depth?

If you have questions, then coming on an Alpha Course could be for you.

Churches in Godalming & District



  • Chairman Michael Stubbs
  • Vice-Chair Rev Maggie Stirling-Troy & Andy Poulsom
  • Past-Chair James Rattue
  • Hon.Secretary Gillian Martin
  • Hon.Treasurer Tony Bennewith
  • Clerical Rep Simon Taylor
  • Publicity Officer Edouard le Maistre
  • Website Matt Blake

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